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Don’t Let Your Listing be a Leftover Turkey!

Leftover turkey is great. Leftover listings, not so much.  The listing history of most any property is a few clicks away for the average consumer.  Buyers are not enticed by old listings, or properties that’ve lost their fresh, show-ready condition. … Continued

Nobody Knows the Collections I’ve Seen!

Some parts of decorating and home staging are similar, but there’s probably no more divergent point than “collections.”  Being surrounded by possessions that make you happy is a beautiful thing. You’re living in your home, and it’s called decorating. When … Continued

Free Sprinkles: On Staging Kitchens and Baths

Your new car doesn’t perform better because of the pinstriping the dealer threw in. Your new socks don’t last longer because the manufacturer added an extra pair to the pack. Why is receiving a little extra something-something such a beloved … Continued

Aspirational Photos: A Step Beyond Wow

Look at enough of anything, the differences blur, and they all start looking the same.  Experience enough of something, the wow dulls, and nothing registers beyond ordinary.  Sensory overload, it happens with the coolest shoes, the best chocolate brownie, or … Continued

Naughty Listing Photo Fails #10: Sprawl

Listing photos quickly present the look and story of a property, so interested/qualified buyers show up, putting sellers on the path to sell quickly and well.  But be careful of how much information your photos convey! Listing photos that tell the … Continued

Getting A Bronxville NY Coop Noticed and SOLD, Step One

Previously we established How desirable Bronxville real estate is Challenges Bronxville coop sellers face Why expecting buyers to use their imagination is a bad strategy. Now, rising above, to get your property noticed, and SOLD! A sellers’ vision is clouded … Continued