“How does it work?”

A good question, but one that can mean anything from “Are you nice?” to “How much?” , or just “How do things actually get done?”. All good, and important questions as well. 

Our preliminary phone conversation will answer many of your questions. When you determine it’s a good fit, we schedule a consult to answer the rest, and get started.

Consults untangle and evaluate all the intangibles dueling in your brain: 

  • Ideas and info, logistics and priorities 
  • Dollars vs dreams, aesthetics vs. strategy 

Geared to providing whatever you need to implement on your own; many clients find the consult is all they need to get it done!

  • Fee is based on time spent on-site. Pricing quoted when setting an appointment and confirmed in writing, with payment due at time of service.
  • Clients are encouraged to take notes, but detailed written recaps can be provided.

Post-consult, you may find you need help to implement. Here are some of the most-requested specialized services …but be in touch if you don’t find what you need, we love to find new ways to say YES!

How Does It Work? CLICK HERE for video