Successful design projects aren’t just about the visual result. The process- how it happens-matters too! So it’s an all-around good experience, TRH works in two steps:

  • Consultancy, to define and solve problems
  • Implementation, to get it done

Every project starts with a consult, where we untangle and evaluate all the intangibles now dueling in your brain: 

  • Ideas and info, logistics and priorities 
  • Dollars vs dreams, aesthetics vs. strategy 

Beyond what could/should be done, and why-we cover how it’ll happen, who’ll get it done, and how much it’ll cost.  Consults can be as focused as paint color selection or a new floor plan, to a complete property assessment.

TRH doesn’t sell anything.  Consults provide whatever you need to implement on your own; many clients find that’s all they need to get it done.

  • Fee is based on time spent on-site.
  • Consult pricing is quoted when setting an appointment and confirmed in writing, with payment due at time of service.
  • Clients are encouraged to take notes, but detailed written recaps can be provided.

IMPLEMENTATION  When a client doesn’t have either the time, interest or ability to orchestrate the agreed-on changes, TRH can make it happen. Simply, everything is detailed in writing; fee is based on time taken to accomplish, paid against a retainer. 

  • TRH’s On-Demand Design model makes it easy for you to find, and line up whatever followup services you wish

Often, ‘how does it work?’ can really be about a number of things. All questions are good!! You may find the video below helpful (click photo) or certainly contact me directly. 

TRH: How Does It Work?