On Process and Purpose

On process and purpose

At my very first RESACon ohsomany years ago, a woman named Abby Vasek was one of the keynote speakers. Process and purpose was her topic.

Tall and slender, she channeled the Chris Rock style of delivery as she recounted her process in the homes-people-spaces-pretty things industry.

Striding forcefully from one side of the stage to another, longs arms and legs swinging, she took us through her career: crafter, working in a small artsy gift shop, then helping those clients decorate their homes.

A few more steps along the way, then a turning point, she was a contestant on HGTV’s Design Star. She won, and her career took a remarkable trajectory.

Then, midstage, she stopped and turned, facing the audience. She was still for a moment, but what she said next gave me goosebumps still and has been my North Star since.

Abby said she realized there were a number of things she could do well. But she came to realize that ‘THIS (pointing to the stage below her) was what she was put on this earth to do.’ BOOM!!

Finding your purpose, realizing what you were put on this earth for is transformative.  Powerful and affirming, you know it in your cells.  Allowing yourself the process to get there is both necessary and HARD.

My cells have always known my place was in the people-homes-spaces-pretty things business.  And I love this business! But I’ve always seen the pretty things as a tool. A means to an end to support and nurture, to bring us to healthy and thriving. Bettered lives through better spaces was my mantra.

And one property, one happy client at a time my ability to articulate it grew. So it is with great pleasure I announce The Refreshed Home’s new website. 

If we’ve ever met or worked together, you’ll see this isn’t any big change from how I’ve worked these past 16 years. It looks very different, but there are just better words, and a more streamlined presentation.

Because I also know I was not put on this earth to create brilliant and distinctive branding in a succinct and tech savvy way-I give credit to those who were, and who did.

Rick Whelan is the owner of Ditto! Design! Deft and patient, he’s a sounding board and a friend. Rick has shaped and created all of what you’ve seen of The Refreshed Home since Day One.

Jackson Whelan is the tech guru who ‘built’ the house to be smart and user-friendly, while kindly using small words when explaining it all to me.

Newest pal Jon Arrowsmith is co-principle of Iambic Creative.  He understood I have sooo many words in me…embraced them all, then distilled and polished them to better tell The Refreshed Home’s story.

Process is ALWAYS easier to appreciate in retrospect. Finding certainty in purpose is sacred, but the journey there is shall we say, indirect? So many thanks to all those who’ve taught, encouraged and experienced it with me so far.

Ready to make a difference? Let’s GO!!