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Who’s Responsible for the Listing Photos?

“Who’s responsible for the listing photos?” Usually asked regarding the cost, scheduling or physical taking of photos, but rarely asked, and IMO insufficiently addressed regarding quality. Each of us is responsible for our own success. It’s always dandy if you … Continued

FAQs: Why Bother Staging in a Seller’s Market?

Welcome back to FAQs: answers to today’s most pertinent questions about Home Staging and Interior Decorating, The Refreshed Home-style!  Yes, why WOULD a seller go through the bother of Staging their Westchester County house in a seller’s market?  In a … Continued

What’s New in My Staging Kit?

OK, I know it’s been a while-I’ve been very busy!-but here’s the latest new addition to my Staging Kit that will absolutely put money in your pocket. According to the just-released National Association of Realtors 2013 Profile of Buyer’s Home Feature Preferences, … Continued

“I`m Ready For My Close-Up, Mr. DeMille!”

Because we’re in February,  both Spring Market and Oscar fever are upon us, so famous movie quotes that resonate with Real Estate are a natural. Made famous by Gloria Swanson’s portrayal of actress  Norma Desmond-“I’m ready for my close-up, Mr. DeMille”  became a punchline, … Continued

Get Your Jefferson Village Condo Noticed, and SOLD!

Get Your Jefferson Village Condo Noticed and SOLD! Jefferson Village Condos in Yorktown New York-just like any other community-it has history and character that makes them unique.  Understanding both is  fundamental in developing a successful selling strategy. In this series, we look at specific properties, discuss what is appealing … Continued

Multi-generational Living- Not a Trend, Reality

Adult children moving back home was the topic of an article earlier this week in USA Today.  It was the latest in a parade of commentaries, citing the obvious.  Multi-generational living arrangements is neither news, or a trend.  For many people, for … Continued

What’s Wrong with This Picture?

Welcome back to What’s Wrong with This Picture? where we tie a dollars and cents (sense!?) rationale to constructive comments made about actual listing photos. Dialogue is encouraged,  and as before-claim a photos as yours, and receive a complimentary interactive consult, valued up … Continued