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Good design and listing prep solves problems, so how things will happen needs to be part of every plan.

Two questions should guide you: “Does it make sense?” and  “Is it doable?”.  This is how TRH approaches a project, its how we think, and how we work.

Following NYS guidelines for real estate, with an abundance of mutually-agreed upon caution, here is how TRH is currently operating:

  • E-Consults continue to be the most-requested service for buyers, sellers, and those staying and improving. Convenient, easy, and effective, read more here.

  • On-site consults are available for Westchester area properties.

  • Photo styling-providing props, and setting up your listing photos- continues.

  • Projects calling for rental furniture are referred to a colleague

Call or email for details or questions.  #MaskUp, keep doing all the things you need to do to keep us all well. Looking forward to seeing you live and in person, real soon.

Marie Graham