The Refreshed Home might not be what you expect a design or home staging business to be. 

  • We don’t sell anything…but we help you confidently make your own best choice. 

  • We specialize in preparing occupied or otherwise furnished homes for sale, and reject the idea that rental furniture is a given. 

  • Projects calling for rental furniture are currently being referred out to colleagues.

TRH offers  on-site/in-person consults and digital consults. Also, prop rental and photo styling. Following NYS guidelines for real estate, TRH is masked, gloved and bootie’d on all on-site work.

So-We may not be what you expect, but when we complete a project, clients find we are exactly the design and home staging they wanted, and were hoping for. 

Check out the rest of the site, or, better yet, ask around.  Thousands of happy clients in every Westchester ZIP code, and over a half-billion dollars worth of staged and sold properties under our belt. So chances are very good someone you know has worked with us. 

Questions/etc? Contact us here. #MaskUp, keep doing all the things you need to do to keep us all well.


Marie Graham