Second First Dates

Twenty-eight years ago tonight I had a second first date with my now husband. We saw the movie Sneakers. Loved it!  Discovered he was a good kisser (!!). We were engaged 7 months later, married 10 months after that, and still living the happily ever after.

But it’s rare we get the opportunity for a second first chance. To make a good impression, or to bond. First dates…first job interviews….and a buyer’s first viewing of a listing. But it does happencircumstances change or evolve, warranting a revisit.

The deal with the first buyer may have fallen through... or there may have been a price reduction. The HR director’s first choice may have taken another jobor an additional position opened up. (In my case, I had a job crisis and a serious illness in the family on my plate. He was a prince on our 1st first date, but I had no bandwidth for a relationship that night).

Point being while these things can happen, don’t count on it. In our uber-fast paced and results-driven world, it should be counted as grace, the exception to the rule.

Trust this Westchester County Home Stager: When preparing your property for sale, bring your best, from Day One. 


  • Bemoan,or opine or otherwise fixate on what you see on TV
  • Or…what your sister-in-law’s neighbor did 3 years ago, or what you hear while on line at Home Goods
  • Assume buyers will use their imagination…or just plan to leave room for generous negotiation


  • First, get help to build a visual of what is “ideal” and why. Start with a your agent.
  • Define what makes sense, and is do-able
  • Take action, and price it accordingly

First dates, or real estate: you’ll never regret being your best, bringing your best from Day One. Ask your agent: your listing will get the most attention, and best offers from serious buyers more quickly. And should anything not go as planned, you’re immediately ready for whatever comes next.