Hi, I’m Marie Graham, owner of The Refreshed Home and Orange Boom, and I have the best job in the world. 

Every day I see people move forward. I help them untangle the complicated relationships between their space and their things. They get things done, and move on with their life. It’s a beautiful thing!

Success depends on a number of things when working collaboratively. Here’s the short version of what makes TRH’s approach different and so effective:

Experience  My first career was in design/sales and later management in Westchester’s Ethan Allen and Stickley stores. I’ve worked one-to-one with thousands of homeowners: bettering spaces in every type and style of property, in every ZIP code and price point in Westchester County.

Expertise  Our testimonials speak to meeting and exceeding design clients’ expectations. Over three-quarters of a billion dollars of  TRH’s prepared properties have sold since 2008. Readers of Westchester Magazine voted me, and TRH Westchester County’s Best Stager in 2019 and 2020.                                                              

Independent and Unbiased TRH is Westchester’s only sole design and listing prep consultant and fiduciary. We sell nothing, have no financial stake in any product or service. We take trade, and realtor CE to be of better service to our clients and their agents; but we are not agents, or affiliated with any one agent or brokerage.

Professional Education and Affiliation  TRH is dedicated to the individuals’ pursuit of spaces and possessions that serve, and delight. I bring an entire careers’ worth of training and collaboration:

  • Studied at Parsons, then early on a charter member of IDS. 
  • First trained by StagedHomes.com whose owner is credited with creating the industry in the 1970s.
  • NYSAR ITI grad, longtime RESAPro gives me teaching capabilities in both staging and real estate
  • ASID, HGAR and WCR affiliates.

Etc.  Current volunteer, and past board member of Furniture Sharehouse. Also a poll worker, regular blood donor. Sponsor of, and volunteer for Pleasantville Music Festival. Married to Douglas, we live in White Plains with our joyful, wiggly and wonderful rescue dog Mona.

Value is always in the eye of the beholder.  Ask around, chances are good I’ve worked with someone you know!