FAQs: How Much Do You Charge?

Its the design elephant in the room. I can read the thought bubbles over a potential new clients’ head, as we exchange initial pleasantries over the phone:

“How much do you charge?” .  

Or from an agent I just meet:

“What does Staging cost?”  How much do you charge?

How much do you charge, and what does staging cost are fair and important questions. Sometimes hard to ask about, and rarely easy to answer quickly.

Sight unseen, circumstances unknown, my only possible immediate, accurate and truthful response can be “it depends”.

Preparing a property for sale is a personal service, not a fixed commodity.  How can I price something until it’s defined?

Yes, but….

“Is Staging expensive?”–asks the potential seller, nonchalantly, after the ice has broken. 

“Well, can you just give me a quick range?”–presses the agent.

“My house could use the help, but I can’t afford it”–tentatively states the homeowner

OK, understood.  This is new territory, it’s awkward, the design elephant in the room. You want info, even just a snippet…so if it’s not where you want to be, you can make a graceful exit. And yes, extraneous conversation feels like you’re being pitched.

Money’s important!  But without the rest of the equation, it’s just a number. If you want a good answer, start that conversation, understand what you get for that number!

The Refreshed Home launched in 2007 with a then unique, now popular business model. We don’t sell product. In fact, discounts are passed on to clients, and like any other trade, fee is based on time.

Everything starts with a consult; and 80, maybe 85% of consults leave clients able to moving forward and implementing on their own.

Never, ever hesitate to ask about money!

Click here to find out more about design and home staging consults work.  And look how much more space we have, now that the elephant in the room is gone!!