Commercial Reinvention: Mahopac


This former…ahem…gentleman’s club was a colorful part of local history, and a rite of passage for several generations of area males, but had been abandoned years ago. The new owner was an experienced and successful restaurateur; he was bringing in a polished but still casual menu that’d appeal to grownups-friends, couples and sports fans.

The layout was not ideal: the space was long and not deep, and high peaked ceilings skewed the proportions even more. Mood-wise we were threading the needle, giving a wink and a nod to the locations notoriety, but without the ‘ewwwww’ factor that’d alienate approximately 50% of the population.

Every surface was made fresh.

  • Contrasting colors and textures added warmth and nuance, celebrating the building’s vintage.
  • Existing woodwork was sanded/re-stained
  • AF-400 Dinner Party Red for the walls was cozy and striking, but not loud or fussy.
  • Hammered Copper paint on exposed beams, and cool, retro ceiling fans ‘lowered’ the ceiling, evened proportions.
  • Tapestry covered cornices and wood blinds added texture, keeping it neat, but welcoming.