Color Consult #1



This was a great house in a desirable Sound Shore neighborhood. Good light, everything in good repair, and updates had been done well. Like any other seller, they wanted to sell quickly, and well.


Given how well the house had been maintained, the sellers were confident any suggestions would be minimal. And that was the case….for the most part. The living room wall color was outdated, but the sellers didn’t want to paint.


Having a stranger come into your personal space, and make recommendations to change for a room that was done well and beautifully feels invasive and subjective.  But presenting and marking a property to appeal to the most likely buyers as possible is a business decision, and it needs to look its best.

Walls are the biggest surface in any room, they make the most impact. Trim and ceilings were all fine as is, just needed a new color on the wall. So they relaxed….then curious, they asked me for a color.




They had a painter there by end of the week, and 2 coats of HC-81 Manchester Tan the photos were taken. Sellers had an accepted offer in 11 days, for $50K over ask