Giving Thanks, and Being the Change

FOr Marie

There is lot going on the world these days.  Many hearts are ohso heavy, and the ongoing,  omnipresent ‘updates’ magnify the sorrow.

Dismiss the ‘there has always been great discord, social media just lets us see it more now’ argument-it doesn’t matter.

If being the change calls you, your energy is focused forward on what you can do now. And everyone can do something. 

This photo came from a clients’ house several years ago.  Save, Grow, Give, and Spend. They had several young children, and each child had a set of these jars in their room. I was profoundly moved, and share this at every opportunity.

No matter where you live, need does not go away because the calendar changes. Being the change is about taking action. Please take a moment, give thanks, and take stock: 

  •  Can you donate blood?
  • Have things you don’t need?  Sign up for, a free/safe/local kind of Craigslist. You will be stunned at the gratitude of your recipients.
  • Furniture Sharehouse is Westchester County’s furniture bank, but here’s a list of  sites in North America that could put your unwanted furniture into the right hands
  • There are coat and mitten drives everywhere now
  • Any Vets or seniors in your neighborhood that could use a hand raking leaves, cleaning out their gutters or other home-maintenance tasks?
  • Food pantries, soup kitchens, and organizations like Meals on Wheels operate year-round, not just on Thanksgiving
  • Languishing points or miles  on a rewards credit card? Many have ways to donate them to charity
  • If you have time or skills to donate, or a passion you want to further-google around to see who could benefit. The United Way runs a nationwide group of local organizations that function as clearing houses, matching people to opportunities. Here is link to ours in Westchester and lower Hudson Valley
  • Less dire, but still needed: Kids who need to be read to, or coached on nailing a free-throw. Parks that could use a hand staying clean, budding entrepreneurs who could benefit from your professional guidance.
  • And if donating funds is in your realm, check out the organization first with Charity Navigator.

YES. There are horrible things happening in our world right now. Prayers, good thoughts and giving thanks are all good, but actions matter. They matter to the recipients, and trust me, they will make a difference in your life too.

Much of our collective sorrow comes from feeling helpless. Instead of letting the latest news report, the most recent tweet or post define your day-take charge. Look around your neighborhood, or use technology and social media to your advantage: seach and share. Everyone can do something. What can you do to be the change?