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Words Matter: Re-Thinking ‘De-Personalize’

Words matter, and the right one is priceless. Have written about ‘Staging’ (vs ‘preparing’– several times, in fact), but today let’s re-think ‘de-personalize’. ‘What do you know about Home Staging?’ is how I start out my Home Staging classes. ‘De-personalize’ usually come … Continued

The Katie Couric Effect, and Home Staging

Ever hear of the Katie Couric Effect? In 2000,  eighteen months after losing her husband to colon cancer, Katie Couric  underwent a colonoscopy on live, national TV. By facing, and insisting there be a conversation about this screening process, she helped de-mystefy and de-personalize … Continued

*Most* Agents Who `Stage` Diminish Both Our Jobs

In 2008, I understood, respected, and embraced agents who also prepared their own listings for sale. Ditto 2009-2011. 2012, it started getting old, and now, here, in 2013, I suggest that *most* agents who do their own Staging are diminishing both our … Continued

Are You in the NICE and PRETTY Rut? Try Out OneLook

Communication skills are one of the things that set us apart in in life and business; vocabulary is one aspect. Unexpected words elevate the message. They add interest and nuance, and help the message be heard more effectively. I personally … Continued

MLB Umpire Jim Joyce: The Story Keeps Getting Better

Regular readers know I am a big baseball fan,  but I had never heard of MLB umpire Jim Joyce before summer of 2010…then in an unlikely confluence of events, he burst into probably all our consciousnesses. Doug and I had attended a high school lacrosse game that … Continued

Choosing to Be Happy

In the 80s and 90s, there was little talk of how someone “felt” when they were buying things and doing stuff to their house.  Everything was about the visual.  People spoke, and thought in singular, visionary words: stunning, gorgeous, elegant. Then feelings entered the … Continued

“Death Wish Coffee”: Are You Kidding Me??

Death Wish Coffee.  Are you kidding me? Seriously-have you heard about this stuff yet? Touted as The World’s Strongest Coffee, it comes from a mysterious bean that contains 200% more caffeine than the regular Arabica beans. NOT CHEAP ($20.00/lb) but … Continued