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The Refreshed Home: Good Cop or Bad Cop?

Good Cop/Bad Cop is a time-honored cliche, a tool used to shake up the equilibrium, and prod someone into action. The Good Cop is supportive, looking out for you; the Bad Cop says the tough things that need to be … Continued

FAQs: Does Home Staging HAVE to Include Rental Furniture?

FAQs are the most fun posts to write:  simple questions, short answers with few qualifies. This FAQ is the shortest answer yet (NO!), so will  embellish it just a wee bit.              Whether your Westchester County property is vacant or occupied, Home … Continued


Combining two staples of September: Renewed interest in home improvement and questions with tricky answers, the POP QUIZ series returns!  Questions could  have more than one correct answer. Give it your best before scrolling down, good luck! 1.  White walls will make … Continued

“I Don`t Know” is Not a Sales Pitch

"I Don't Know" is Not a Sales Pitch

In David Mamet’s gritty classic Glengarry Glen Ross, the air was ripe with the scent of desperation (yes, even in the movie theaters, or at home with NetFlix!) Audiences would tense and twist as one, seeing the sales pitch coming … Continued

FAQs: Why Can`t You Just Give Me a Price?

Welcome back to FAQs-where YES, I can just give you…ANSWERS! “Why can’t you just give me a price?” seems like a simple enough question…reinforced by my recent experimentation with an online referral service. Well sure, if there was an accepted standard … Continued

FAQs: Why Bother Staging in a Seller’s Market?

Welcome back to FAQs: answers to today’s most pertinent questions about Home Staging and Interior Decorating, The Refreshed Home-style!  Yes, why WOULD a seller go through the bother of Staging their Westchester County house in a seller’s market?  In a … Continued

Staging FAQs: Why Rent When I Already Have Furniture?

FAQs are usually a one-shot topic: a quick answer to a single question,  but renting furniture for preparing a Westchester County property for sale has several facets, so in this first (of three) we will address WHY consider renting, even if you already … Continued