”It’s Only Weird if it Doesn`t Work”

imagesCAZP6PH9“It’s Only Weird if it Doesn’t Work”. This is the 2nd NFL season this line has been reverberating through millions of homes.

Mis-matched socks, assigned seating, assorted rituals and talismans, and of course the dreaded QUINOA BURGER.  And “Fear the Beard” was the mantra as the un-shaven Boston Red Sox rolled on to win the 2013 World Series.

Sports superstitions-practices born from back against the wall circumstances, fueled by fervent hope and anecdotal stories of success-makes total sense to the people practicing/believing them, “it’s only weird if it doesn’t work” is the perfect justification of the illogical, to non-believers.

DAMN>why didn’t Home Stagers think of this line first??

Under reasonable circumstances, Real Estate is still a gamble; but the last few years…HA!

When TRH launched in 2007, home staging was cable entertainment. Here in the Westchester County NY the real estate market was hot, and the romance of fixer-uppers had not totally faded.

The  housing bubble burst shortly afterward, and the tide changed swiftly. The learning curve was steep, the naysayers were loud and cranky, and “weird” was one of their nicer characterizations… but it was a great time to listen and learn, meet people and define this new frontier of a business. ‘It’s only weird if it doesn’t work’ certainly was, and still is my attitude, just never put into so many words.

I will admit to owning Lucky Socks (literally, they say ‘My Lucky Socks’-how could I resist?) but even if it sounds weird, everything I say or do is rooted in training, instinct, and experience…which includes seeing what works, what’s put money in the sellers’ and agents’ pockets.

If you are thinking about selling your Westchester County house in 2014…or have had mixed or bad results with a listing already on the market, turn off  HGTV, and let’s talk about what you can do to better the market position of your property. I promise you, no Quinoa burgers! 

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