Hug the Cactus

Robust advice on how to do almost anything is 2 clicks away for most of us. From keto recipes and building stuff to makeup and parenting tips, a lot of it can be really helpful.  But IMO many posts on tackling less tangible things don’t do so well.  Online format is for the masses, not really so great for connecting about the intimate and very personal battles with things like pain, fear, and change. Hug the Cactus

‘Oh that must be so much fun!’ is often the response about my being a home stager. Rewarding?  Absolutely! Fulfilling? YES. Gratifying? Every. Single. Day.

But the challenge of selling a property, finding a new home and actually moving hits a lot harder than many expect.  ‘Where will we go?’, ‘What will I do with my things?’ The changes- and the fun- often requires walking through some difficult things with clients first.

My anthropological self believes that boiled down, all we feel and do is rooted in either fear or love. Love fuels advances, fear feeds receding.

Fear dissipates time, and so much real and psychic energy. POOF! It’s lost, forever.  I make a living based on helping people make good changes so they can get on with their lives.  Here are 4 of the best things I’ve found that resonate the most about getting through, getting things done, and moving forward.

In reflecting on the challenges of his newfound sobriety, Robert Downey Jr. recounts being advised to ‘hug the cactus.’ That is, to get through, embrace, and own the difficult. For clients,  I extrapolate that out and encourage them to talk.  Hearing your words about the scary, the weird, the painful, the icky, and the uncomfortable hit the air is quite freeing.


While the internet was way before his time, it gave life to, and found a new audience for one of the most famed statemen in the 20th century. When Winston Churchill assumed the position of Prime Minister, the UK was on the ropes, pretty much standing alone against the Nazis. Usually cranky and often defiant, it worked for him, and the nation here. “If you’re going through hell, keep on going”.  The rest is history.

At an Actor’s Roundtable, when asked what advice they would give their younger self, Tom Hanks added grace and perspective. He reminded us that all things, both good and bad, are transitory. That is, this too will pass.

And last, while acknowledging thoughts and feelings is key to moving past them, there comes a time where you need to take action. Launched in 1988 (its bizarre inspiration aside) Nike’s “Just Do It” is as brilliant,  and as universal as it is simple.

TRH defines home staging as whatever is done to improve the market position of your property and ease your mind. Feeling stuck?  Talk to us today about how we can help!