Ancient History

Our appetite for the future is voracious;  our appreciation and tolerance for the present moment, minimal.

True for Christmas trees in late December, kids on car trips, adults waiting on line for the newest phone, and home buyers looking for their new house.

We get bored, we’re in a hurry to get to what’s next, and the present becomes ancient history fast.

Westchester County home owners looking to sell in 2019 will do well to consider the hard lessons of 2018, and truly understand what it’ll take  to get their property noticed and SOLD.

  • Listing photos get people to the property. Professional quality, good composition that reads well on a 3″ phone screen.
  • Do the remedial work. Repair/replace/restore to the best of your ability. Your costs will be less that what buyers will estimate. Removing potential objections smooths the path to yes.
  • Its not about the pedigree.   Yes the space needs to look its best, but costly, in-you-face decor is rarely a plus. Bringing a property to its best is different for every seller, and every property. Reacting, railing against or rejecting what you think home staging is (aesthetics and costs) is a convenient rabbit hole. Condition and price need to sync.
  • Price it right from Day One. Time is of the essence. Rarely is ‘trying out a price’ a good strategy.

Yes, some properties are hard to comp. But buyers have agents, and                the checkbooks. They are one click away from your property’s pricing            history; sellers who seem to be greedy, desperate or fishing will be                  dismissed by serious buyers.

Thinking of selling? Re-evaluating an under-performing listing? Start the new year right! On Monday evening  January 7th The Refreshed Home is presenting the first of the 2019 series of Get it Noticed and SOLD!  workshops in Westchester County.

This one’s at the Harrison Public Library. Free, and open to the public, suitable for sellers, agents, and flippers. It’s what you need to know to sell quickly and well in 2019. CLICK HERE for flyer and more info. Hope to see you there!

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