Thank You Nandi Bushell

Last year I saw a cool video. OK, it was one of many, but this one really stayed with me.

A young girl, banging the hell out of her drum kit covering Foo FIghter’s “Everlong”. Nandi Bushell

Her joy, passion, and confidence gave me more than good music, and I’ve gone back to watch it a number of times since.

Well, so did a lot of other people. And seems it wasn’t just a one-off video that went viral. Yes, as late-night TV pitchman Ron Popeil would say: “But wait. There’s more!”

If you follow these things on social media you knew Nandi Bushell was the drumming phenom (810K IG followers); also that she, Dave Grohl and the Foo Fighters (602K, and 4.1M IG followers respectively) were involved in remote drum-offs.

I don’t, which is why this video below, from a show this week at LA’s Forum just blew me away.

Some things in life like hopes, and dreams realized are universal. And joy shared is multiplied. Music, US 2021 female gymnastic team, or the NASA crew from any launch. You don’t have to be an uber-fan of any of these players to get that this is what love, joy, and kindness look like. Or that collaboration in its purest form brings out the best in everyone. Including viewers.

Thank you Nandi Bushell and Dave Grohl!


Fan #810,001/602,001