I felt paralyzed on the how or what of redesigning our living room. The room wasn’t functional; it was un-loved, and I didn’t know how, or where to start. Marie started with a detailed floor plan with a new layout, and a new room was born! I could see a living room that would be loved and lived in.

She gave me the tools to start looking for new pieces: rug size, location/size of new upholstery. Marie helped me as much as I needed, in the way I needed. She directed me to a few furniture stores, we discussed rugs by photos from my phone. We met at a furniture store to select fabric, then paint colors.

We re-worked many of our current pieces into other parts of the house and gave refreshed looks to four rooms in total. Other of her “mini” suggestions made HUGE impact. (i.e.. add lamps here, open this door, add pillows here) AND we were able to do it all quickly.

With minor changes, we dramatically updated the room and pulled the whole ground floor together with our newly redesigned living room and center hall.

Sheryl McSherry