We met Marie when we were in the final stage of putting a two-story addition onto our home of twenty years. In talking to Marie, my husband and I realized we had two entirely different visions.

Neither of us had a clear vision as to how to decorate the space, no matter how it was used, nor had we thought how to use the original spaces that remained. Not only that, we hadn’t budgeted for new furniture at all.

Marie created clarity out of chaos. She was designer, decorator, psychologist, mediator, and friend. When we first met and explained our dilemmas, she asked us incisive questions that got to the heart of what we were each looking for in the space.

She gave us realistic suggestions as to how to arrive at a budget, how best to furnish the room in stages if we chose. Marie came up with a number of great ideas for using some of the things we already had in fresh new ways. She knew exactly how to get us to express what it was that we wanted even when we weren’t sure ourselves. She listened.

We now have a space that is the heart of our home, that is perfect for entertaining, as well as relaxing with our family. It’s calming, comfy, and “easy on the eyes,” as Marie said, and it’s exactly what each of us wanted. Now that we’ve lived in our new space for a while, we’re looking forward to working with Marie again to help us with some finishing touches, and to freshen up other rooms in our home. We can’t wait!

Susan and Mark
New City