Thank you for the great success we’ve had with the house! Your suggestions definitely paid off. To start, our improved space was re-evaluated and asking increased by $14K, then we started having huge response the moment it went on the MLS.

Besides a jammed Open House, we had over 20 additional showings that first weekend, ending up with TEN offers, nine of them over ask.

While our house was reasonably priced with low taxes in a desirable area, I know that your input allowed us to maximize what we were offered, gave us options, and got us to sale quickly. The house had been listed for less than a week when we accepted an offer. We’ve now had the inspection and the contract is going out tomorrow.

In the end, we spent about $6k prepping for sale and I am convinced that the investment netted us over $35k in the sale price. Now, we can move into our new house with peace of mind.

Melissa and Brian