Re-thinking Westchester County’s “No Inventory” Thing

“Opportunity is missed by most people because it’s dressed in overalls and looks like  work”

~Thomas Edison 

“NO INVENTORY!”  buyers, sellers who want to be buyers, and agents cry.

No Inventory

OK, per HGAR stats yes, inventory in Westchester County is down. BUT there are over 3,000 single family houses (and nearly 1000 coops and condos) for sale right now in Westchester County. They can’t all be right for you… but are they ALL really wrong for you either? 

It’s understood if what you’re seeing isn’t floating your boat, but The Refreshed Home suggests digging a little, and owning what you’re unhappy about.

Nothing wrong with feeling frustrated that things aren’t the way they used to be, or you want more choices. Feeling in limbo is the pits, but repeating the “no inventory” mantra will keep you stuck, and unhappy. Let’s re-think some options, and focus on what you can do.

Re-evaluate what you think you must do or have:

Downsizing?  This Westchester County home stager asks-are you being realistic? If you’re trying to squeeze all your big house was, all it held into a smaller space with lower taxes, of course you’re disappointed!!  Re-think your filters: almost universally we want and need less.

  • Newer technology doesn’t require a dedicated room for a home office
  • Airbnb gets you off the hook for the 3rd or 4th BR for if/when people visit
  • The Vatican has declared it’s no longer a mortal sin to go out for big family type or holiday meals 🙂
  • Those 3rd and 4th set of dishes are either being donated, passed down sooner, or just stacked, out of sight in a low sideboard.

Your timeline: Ok, sorry in advance for the fresh talk…but if you need to sell to buy, put on the blinders and just stop trolling listings, looking for your perfect next place.

You’re wasting your time and getting riled up for nothing. You need to get your current property its market ready best. Even if  a perfect place existed…and you found it….those sellers are going to have a line of buyers, they will not wait for you to sell your property.

Could you widen your geographic search?  Maybe spend some time in areas you hadn’t considered.Talk it over with your buyer agent…and if you don’t have one, get one! Nothing will change by your just trolling online sites at night, home in your bunny slippers!!

Do you have to buy your next place? Buying can feel more secure…but if you have to sell to buy the choreography of finding THE new place, then getting your place sold will be dicey.

Think of renting as real estate sorbet! A spacer, something to refresh your mental palate, lets you re-calibrate and be ready for what comes next.

NEXT: Renovations, and Renovation Mortgages

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