Is “how much?” your first question?  You’re not alone. It’s a fair question.

Quick, truthful but unhelpful replies could be “it depends”, “I don’t know”, or, “NOT as shown below!”

To get good info, let’s first define what home staging is.  TRH says it’s  “Whatever is done to improve the market position of your property, and ease your mind.”

NOT reality TV!
  • Home staging is a combination of product and service, in a mix that’s different with every seller
  • People, and the process they need are as important as aesthetics

More info, please!

  • Is property vacant, furnished, or somewhere in between?
  • What’s your timeline, goals and expectations?
  • Your market, your price point?
  • Resources?  What can family friends, neighbors, colleagues or grown kids contribute?

Home staging is the very practical process of getting a property ready for market.  Everything begins with a consult. Together we discuss, prioritize; you get a plan. Not just what will it look like, but why, how will it happen, who can do what, how much will it cost.

  • TRH makes recommendations for vacant properties in degrees
  • Many staging tasks on occupied properties are what’d need to be done for moving anyway
  • Interactive consults give many sellers the tools they need to complete on their own
  • But TRH also stands with you to implement whatever you choose.

 Old or underwhelming listing? About to start the process? 


Talk to me today about getting your property noticed, and SOLD!

(Would Alex Trebeck kid you?)