Downsizing, upsizing, or maybe just a different style of space?  If your needs, taste, and/or space changes, it can be hard to get your bearings. Smart sellers have The Refreshed Home in their corner – but so can buyers!

Decorating and Home Staging are not the same thing, but skill sets overlap. Buyer consults can put ideas and options in your hands – before you move in, or even before you commit to purchase a property.

Consults quickly assess all the circumstances, develop some preliminary ideas then explain them all so you can ‘see’ it too.

First is understanding your perspective, then TRH works with you to:

  • Visualize the possibilities in spaces you’re contemplating or comparing
  • Create a pre-move strategy, including what goes with you, and where it goes
  • Get set up in your new space, oversee furniture placement on moving day,
  • Develop pre- or post-move project budgets and plans for purchases, color/finish updates, and much more