“HOME” is where we want to be in the best, and worst of times.  It holds, comforts, nourishes, strengthens, and yes, refreshes us. And when it is “right” – which is whatever that means to you – so much of everything else in your life falls into place.

Change happens…your life, your needs, your taste. It can be a good thing, especially when your space and your possessions reflect, and serve your new circumstances and priorities.

Buying, selling or staying and improving-The Refreshed Home is Westchester County’s most user-friendly design consultancy. We sell no product, or represent any other entity.  Service-centric, we’ve found the most successful projects are one that also leave you feeling cared-for.

Today, all the product and ideas you could want are at your fingertips. If that hasn’t helped you get the look, the results, or the peace of mind you’d like, we should talk!

The Refreshed Home Design Sherpa