Getting a property ready for sale is a broad topic and an intimate proposition.

Getting to know The Refreshed Home is your first step to getting your sellers de-stressed, and their properties camera-ready.

Home Staging is simply whatever can be done to improve the market position of a property while easing everyone’s minds. A well-prepared property will protect, even grow seller equity, while supporting agents’ pricing and marketing strategy.

Referring The Refreshed Home to your buyers and sellers is found time! Even when you know and can explain what to do, your time is freed up to support and move the rest of the transaction forward.

TRH is resourceful, and works collaboratively,  helping buyers and sellers ‘see’ beyond what’s in front of them. Together we discuss/explore options, so rationale and the potential of suggested changes are understood.

Always ISO better ways to get things done, TRH specializes in options that fit your needs.  Here are some easy and effective tools to get your seller on the road to SOLD.

Broker/Owners and Office Managers: Currently am working on developing a CE class for agents. Always interested in speaking with and meeting interested and curious pros; talk to me today about how I can help amp up your offices’ business!