Get it Noticed, and SOLD: Home Staging Workshops in Bronxville, Ossining and Yorktown

Planning to sell? Or, maybe you’ve been there, with underwhelming results?

Every seller wants to sell quickly, easily and for the best price. But if you’ve been out of the market for even 5 years, you’ll be stunned by the differences in how buyers absorb information and form opinions now.

First, forget about 90% of what you see on TV.  TRH knows Home Staging to be the practical and organized process of getting a property to be its market ready best. It improves the market position of the property and eases your mind.

The phrase “Home Staging” is like the word “diet”: We’ve heard it, have some sense of what it’s about, but beyond that what does it mean, and how does it work? Do I need to rent furniture? Will I have to pack my collection of _____ ?  And why can’t buyers just use their imagination? (Probably not, probably yes, and they just cant/won’t don’t). 

Every property, every seller has different circumstances. Understanding how to assess and prioritize tasks that make sense and support your price point helps you make your own best decisions.  

The Refreshed Home is presenting three Get It Noticed, and SOLD workshops in the next two weeks. Free at the libraries, a nominal registration fee @ BAS, they are open to the public, click on each link for details

If you, (a friend, colleague or client) wants or needs to sell, tell them about Get It Noticed and SOLD,  90 minutes of awesome empowerment that’ll put money in their pockets and ease their minds!

In 2017 TRH helped bring 73 Westchester County properties totaling $61.5M to the closing table. Properties that ranged from an $100K co-op, and up.  Let’s add yours to the 2018 successes!

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