To any Westchester County small business owner, property manager, investor, builder or landlord who never thought they could afford professional and quality design help on their projects: we should talk!

The Refreshed Home works directly with local business owners, as well as flippers, investors and managers and their crews.

Together we create smarter and more effective workspaces that’ll also better articulate your brand, and snazzier residential properties for you to rent, or sell more quickly.

Preliminary consults define the scope of the job, budget and timeline, helping you move forward surely and swiftly, saving time and money. The Refreshed Home specializes in:

  • Quick assessments
  • Above-the-bar ideas
  • Do-able plans of action
  • Maximizing resources already at your fingertips.

Vacant, outdated, underwhelming or under-performing properties? Talk to me today about how we can turn that around for you.