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Word Of The Week: CONFIDENCE

We have so many words we can choose from. The Word Of The Week series came about because sometimes it is just so effective to have a different or unexpected word to say, or to have a refreshed meaning breathed into an old … Continued

Word Of The Week: RE-CALIBRATE

I love the power of the right word. This series came about because time and time again I noticed how well the  ‘right’ word conveyed an economy of thought, while saving your from a bunch of wrong, and mediocre words. People seemed to ‘hear’ things … Continued

Word Of The Week: SWOON

Recently, the Words Of The Week have been principled, substantial words: Advocate, Ungapatchka, Trust, Ask, Engage…(click here to see them all) it’s time to mix it up, and have some smiles, so this weeks’ word is SWOON. SWOON is fun to say. Try … Continued

Word Of The Week: ADVOCATE

Welcome back to Word Of The Week, where random thoughts are shared about a word that has resonated for me during the week.   This week’s word is ADVOCATE. From the early 1300’s,  the Latin advacare to summon, to call to … Continued

Word Of The Week: IMPROVISE

  SO many words in our world! It’s easy to not hear them all, or just get in the habit of using the same ones. Strong communication is one of the things that will get us noticed and understood in … Continued

Word Of The Week: TIMING

Word Of The Week is about a thought-provoking word, and often an image  that calls to me, this weeks’ word is TIMING. Understanding how other people see things, what they find interesting and important is both enlightening and inspiring.  Photography can … Continued

Word Of The Week: ASK

Welcome back to Word Of The Week, where random thoughts about the power of a single word are shared. ASK is deceptively short and simple.   ASK is about need, or want, but it’s not weak or needy. ASK is both … Continued

Word Of The Week: TRUST

Each Word Of The Week looks at the extraordinary power of a familiar word, this week that word is TRUST. Lot of bantering about this word lately. It’s a word that is  so universally understood, yet  hard to define, and with many manifestations. It feels strong and … Continued

Word Of The Week: PIONEER

Welcome back to Word Of The Week, where an image, and  a new take on an known word has given pause for thought, and in this case, action.  This weeks’ word is PIONEER, and comes to us all courtesy of  Santa … Continued

Here’s A Nifty Idea For 2012

Read this yesterday and just loved it, thought this was a great mindset to share for all our endevors in the New Year. If I have an apple, and you have an apple and we exchange these apples, you and … Continued