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Word of the Week: SHEPHERD

Word of the Week: Shepherd

The right word clarifies and elevates the  message, as well as the speaker. Good speakers know the right words engage, and bond their audience to them, as well as their message. I have chosen SHEPHERD as this edition’s Word of the … Continued

Word of the Week: COMPELLING

There are so many effective words out there to choose from, but like our favorite jeans, out of habit, we can just keep reaching for the same ones over and over again. Word of the Week series is not about overly scholarly, out … Continued

Word of the Week: INDECISION

Word of the Week:  INDECISION Came across this picture this week, and after the initial giggles-yes, the cold ocean waves of the Cape are always are on my mind this time of year-I really looked at this photo. WOW, what … Continued

Word of the Week: WUSS

Unusual words thrill me, but words that sound like what they mean have a special place in my heart. This Word of the Week comes courtesy of former Governor Ed Rendell,  and his new book, A Nation of Wusses. In the book, his … Continued

Word of the Week: TRANSFORM

It happens to us all…we’re busy, short on time, and like shopping on December 24th, we grab the first thing that makes sense and lets us get going.  But wonderful words are all around us. Words that add dimension and … Continued

Word Of The Week: BELIEF

  A well-chosen word will engage your audience, and allow you to communicate more effectively, and economically. This is an exciting prospect, so every week I pick, and ruminate about a normal, average word that I think is under-appreciated, this week’s word is BELIEF. BELIEF is an … Continued

Word Of The Week: QUIET

Word Of The Week: QUIET A singular word can be very powerful. Doesn’t have to be extraordinary, either.  There are  SO many words available to us, sometimes we don’t hear them anymore. That’s one of the reasons I do this … Continued

Word Of The Week: FOLLY

Word Of The Week: FOLLY Something about a familiar but under-appreciated word elevates both you, and what you are saying. People seem to remember more of what you say, and are even more interested in it. I love the sense … Continued

Word Of The Week: ALIGN

The right word makes me hear things differently, and remember them better.  That’s why I started this series, to bring words already on our radar screens into better focus.  (Click here to see the others) I was at a community meeting earlier this … Continued