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Read this Book: The Icarus Deception

The future economy will not be based on making things (we ALL already have waaaay too much stuff)…nor will it be solely on ‘smart’ people, or information. No, value in the future economy will be based on people who can … Continued

Hot Seller Tip #7

Hot Seller Tip #7 Planning to put your property on the market next year? Good listing photos, and curb appeal are proven element that attract the most, and best-qualified buyers;  plan for, and start taking your ‘best of’ photos now. Here … Continued

What’s New in My Staging Kit?

OK, I know it’s been a while-I’ve been very busy!-but here’s the latest new addition to my Staging Kit that will absolutely put money in your pocket. According to the just-released National Association of Realtors 2013 Profile of Buyer’s Home Feature Preferences, … Continued

Check, BEFORE You Donate by Text, or Send a Check

The first holiday solicitations arrived around Columbus Day.  A package with holiday wrapping paper, some thematic greeting cards, and (still more) personalized address labels. Most of these mailings were not inexpensive.  Had donated to some of these causes in the past, but several came in … Continued

It Will Be a Long Winter

161 games over six months, and for 3 teams in the Active Rain Baseball Junkies Fantasy Baseball League, it all comes down to tonight. The lead has see-sawed back and forth for the last two weeks. This morning when we … Continued

NATURAL FRACTIONS: Paintings by Lorie Gurian

While waiting in line at a framing counter some years back, I noticed the woman next to me had  some very striking canvases in her cart. We started talking about framing them,  that’s how I  met oft-honored Westchester artist Lorie … Continued

Unwanted Piano? Read-and Share This!

Many possessions are difficult to part with, but having another place where said possessions  can go and be loved and utilized often eases the distress. Unwanted pianos though are notoriously difficult to adopt-out. They are big, and difficult to move; often … Continued

It’s (STILL) Summer

Days fly by so quickly… As July winds down…and things like boots, plaid, and sales on schools supplies start appearing out of nowhere, it’s easy to short-change the next 31 days known as ‘August”. To keep the mood going, one of … Continued