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Function First When Choosing Window Treatments

WINDOW TREATMENTS. Is that phrase like nails on your mental chalkboard? Relax, “window treatments” don’t mean “drapes”. Voluminous yardage, fringe, tassels and the like are yours only if you insist. And we’ll always have Carol Burnett’s “Went With The Wind” … Continued

How to Make Mattress Shopping Easier

How to shop for a mattress

Originally published December 28th 2013; updated and REFRESHED October 1, 2018 It’s prime time for mattress shopping! Big sales are coming, timed to coincide with when most consumers buy: right after they come back from a vacation. (After sleeping on a really … Continued

What Happens in Vegas Will Probably Not Stay There

‘What happens in Vegas’  is a successful campaign…but as far as the Home Furnishings industry is concerned, what’s happened in Vegas last week should most definitely NOT stay there. Since their inaugural conference July 2005, this semi-annual event has steadily evolved into an … Continued

Ceilings: The New WOW

What’s the neatest way to immediately, easily and fairly inexpensively snazz up your living space? It’s over your head. Literally.  Ceilings-usually constrained to off-white palettes-are the new WOW, now seen in any of the other 95% of the colors. Trim isn’t just … Continued

Sofas for Dummies (NOT): Shopping with The Refreshed Home

(Fill in the noun) for Dummies has been one of the most successful franchises in  publishing history.  Since the inaugural DOS for Dummies launched in 1991, there are over 250 million of the the trademark yellow and black softcover books in print 1800+ … Continued

Buy New, or Re-Upholster? And What About Slipcovers?

  Increased activity in the housing market has increased confidence about updating our homes.  In my business, that’s translated to a lot of questions about the wisdom of buying new vs. re-upholstering, or just slipcovering. Helping clients make thoughtful and value-oriented decisions is what … Continued

Avoiding Ghosts Of Living Rooms Past

…or Dining Rooms…or Family Rooms. In a  decision process-most* thought processes consider previous data gathered:  What were the actions taken, what were the results, and what did we learn? *While these probing questions and their revelence might be brushed aside when one is considering, … Continued