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The Refreshed Home: Good Cop or Bad Cop?

Good Cop/Bad Cop is a time-honored cliche, a tool used to shake up the equilibrium, and prod someone into action. The Good Cop is supportive, looking out for you; the Bad Cop says the tough things that need to be … Continued

”It’s Only Weird if it Doesn`t Work”

Its Only Weird if It Doesn't Work

“It’s Only Weird if it Doesn’t Work”. This is the 2nd NFL season this line has been reverberating through millions of homes. Mis-matched socks, assigned seating, assorted rituals and talismans, and of course the dreaded QUINOA BURGER.  And “Fear the Beard” was the … Continued

Coloring Your World: YELLOW-Letting the Sun Shine In!

Colors are visual tags that tell a story, Coloring Your World looks at the history and psychology of these colors that surround and influence us.  Rounding out the primary colors, this  installment focuses on big, bright, beautiful YELLOW. As a … Continued


Combining two staples of September: Renewed interest in home improvement and questions with tricky answers, the POP QUIZ series returns!  Questions could  have more than one correct answer. Give it your best before scrolling down, good luck! 1.  White walls will make … Continued

Coloring Your World: The Paradox of BLUE

Coloring Your World: The Paradox of Blue

Color surrounds us. It drives, soothes, influences, intrigues and inspires us.  It also intimidates the heck out of us when presented in the form of a paint fan, or a wall of fabric swatches. Coloring Your World is a series that … Continued

Coloring Your World: RED-Do You Dare?

Color surrounds us. It drives, soothes and inspires us.  It also intrigues us-yet intimidates the heck out of us when presented in the form of a paint fan. Coloring Your World is a new series that takes a look at the history and psychology … Continued