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Planning A Smooth Move

One in five people will move this year, and 45% of these moves will happen between Memorial Day and Labor Day.   If you plan to be one of the 8 to 10 million households that are expected to move this summer, here are … Continued

2012 NYC AD Home Show: My Top Ten “A-H-H-H-H”s

The 11th Annual Architectural Digest Home Design Show is history, but much of what I saw will not be forgotten.  So this post is a managable size, have a few pics, but all the links to this years’ favorite artists and their art.  Take … Continued

“OK, You’re A Stager…What Do You Actually DO?”

“OK, You’re A Stager…What Do You  Actually DO?” Many professions bring more to the table than some snazzy ideas, or the completions of tasks. Home professionals in particular touch a chord in ways not easily understood, unless it’s your home, your space … Continued

Word Of The Week: ADVOCATE

Welcome back to Word Of The Week, where random thoughts are shared about a word that has resonated for me during the week.   This week’s word is ADVOCATE. From the early 1300’s,  the Latin advacare to summon, to call to … Continued

Get Your Vacant Westchester Co-Op Noticed and SOLD!

 Get Your Vacant Westchester Co-Op Noticed And SOLD! Westchester County real estate has a lot of range and variety, but some markets are pretty saturated right now. In our market, co-op apartments are probably in the toughest segment of all. Previously I … Continued

SCSP Seeks UCRw/D: A Valentines Day Personal Ad

SCSP seeks UCRw/D: A Valentines Day Personal Ad SCSP (smart, creative Staging professional) (that would be me) seeks UCRw/D (upbeat, confident Realtor w/ Designations) (hopefully, that is YOU) OBJECT: cooperative and content clients, more time on your hands, fabulous listing … Continued

Give Yourself A Gift For 2012: What’s YOUR Dream?

Welcome back to my post-holiday series Give Yourself A Gift For 2012: where good ideas and smart people can help you have your best year ever. At a recent WCBS Business Breakfast, Barbara Corcoran famed NYC Real Estate agent was the … Continued