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Everyone Starts Somewhere

We all start somewhere

In the early 1930’s Soichiro Honda was a mechanic who worked on race cars. His first company made piston rings. After a few bumps, he got a big contract with Toyota. but quickly lost it because his products were poor … Continued

If You Hit a Wall, Paint It

Entering the 4th week of staying at home you’ve probably run out of distractions. You’ve done the fun stuff, the stuff that was needed, and probably even have done or learned a few new things. But now you’re feeling unfocused, … Continued

For Builders and Flippers: RESOLVED for 2019

The Refreshed Home LOVES working with builders and flippers!    The folks whose hands get things done-they know a lot of stuff. Also-no one can implement the cool and best things for less cost. BUT…. We can’t all be good … Continued

What Your Mover Wished You Knew

OK, you’re in contract, now planning a move… OF COURSE you’re done with this already. You just want short answers to your questions, and a smooth path to your destination!  Just wanting it won’t make it happen, but meet Reid Whittemore, he can … Continued

DIY Home Staging? Sure, If You Know What to Do!

DIY (do it yourself) projects have been around for a long time, with results as varied as the projects, and the people who attempt them. From piercings to plumbing, YouTube is full of DIYs Gone Bad. The DIY draw, in most cases is financial; the … Continued

Seven Scariest Words a Client Can Hear

What words scare Decorating and Home Staging clients? OH. MY. I’ve never seen THAT before… How much were you planning to spend? No, too easy. You need to throw it all out. It’s the best (whatever) money can buy. Closer… … Continued

Just Because You CAN, Doesn`t Mean You SHOULD (Part Two)

Feeling bound by ‘things’ in our lives is a relatively new phenomenon. It was only 1981 when  George Carlin first performed his oddly prophetic routine on “Stuff”.  Quite comedic at the time,  it framed the buying orgies of the 80s and 90s perfectly, but became … Continued