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DIY Home Staging? Sure, If You Know What to Do!

DIY (do it yourself) projects have been around for a long time, with results as varied as the projects, and the people who attempt them. From piercings to plumbing, YouTube is full of DIYs Gone Bad. The DIY draw, in most cases is financial; the … Continued

Just Because You CAN, Doesn`t Mean You SHOULD (Part Two)

Feeling bound by ‘things’ in our lives is a relatively new phenomenon. It was only 1981 when  George Carlin first performed his oddly prophetic routine on “Stuff”.  Quite comedic at the time,  it framed the buying orgies of the 80s and 90s perfectly, but became … Continued

*Most* Agents Who `Stage` Diminish Both Our Jobs

In 2008, I understood, respected, and embraced agents who also prepared their own listings for sale. Ditto 2009-2011. 2012, it started getting old, and now, here, in 2013, I suggest that *most* agents who do their own Staging are diminishing both our … Continued

What’s BIG in My Staging Kit This Week

Client advocacy was one of the earliest founding principles of The Refreshed Home. Even before the company was named, which was long before I even heard of BNI-I knew providing solid, quality referrals without fee, or other vested interest was … Continued