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Adopting A Dog? Read THE CHOSEN PUPPY First

Adopting A Dog? Read THE CHOSEN PUPPY First Who doesn’t love spring? OK allergy sufferers aside…who doesn’t love spring?  There  is just so much going on, and so much to like about this time of year. One thing I’m seeing … Continued

My Gift To You: New Year’s Soup!

95% of the time I see cooking as a necessary evil. I like to eat, and I’m not a bad cook…love to do things for holidays and other group occasions, but stopping what I’m doing to fix a meal is … Continued

Give Yourself A Gift For 2012: What’s YOUR Dream?

Welcome back to my post-holiday series Give Yourself A Gift For 2012: where good ideas and smart people can help you have your best year ever. At a recent WCBS Business Breakfast, Barbara Corcoran famed NYC Real Estate agent was the … Continued

Giving The Gift: SUPPORT

Welcome back to Giving The Gift:  Thoughtful, meaningful gift ideas to consider for this gift-giving season. As I get older, I find this time of year to be more and more of a challenge.  Partially because my sensibilities and priorities … Continued

Giving The Gift: CREATIVITY

Welcome back to this years’ chapter of Giving The Gift!  The sensory bombardment the American consumer is exposed to this time of year is enough to throw the most steadfast of us off our game.  Giving the Gift  is a series that … Continued

Giving The Gift: ACTIVITY

Welcome back to this years’ chapter of Giving The Gift, where the spotlight shines on thoughtful, meaningful gift ideas that smart, creative local business people or organizations offer. Do you have a challenging person to shop for this season? Is your … Continued