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Function First When Choosing Window Treatments

WINDOW TREATMENTS. Is that phrase like nails on your mental chalkboard? Relax, “window treatments” don’t mean “drapes”. Voluminous yardage, fringe, tassels and the like are yours only if you insist. And we’ll always have Carol Burnett’s “Went With The Wind” … Continued

Get Out!!

Get Out!!

GET OUT!! Who knew the best advice to characters in a horror movie would be the same advice to help those trying to clear out or lighten up their space??  GET OUT!! We scream, mouth (or yell) at it the … Continued

Lighting, Light Bulbs, Paint Colors and You

Getting ready to paint? Might want to check out your light bulbs first.  Paint colors and lighting are intertwined; always my first consideration in design and staging consults. Paint color anchors a room, and nothing determines how paint color reads … Continued

Clearing Out? The ABCs of Selling, or Donating

If you decide to donate, it’s green AND greater good Don’t confuse what is helpful and convienent for you (finding a place that’ll take your stuff) with what is a welcome/needed donation for them. Make sure your donations fit the needs and … Continued

Furniture Sharehouse: Supporting Westchester County Veterans

Furniture Sharehouse is Westchester County’s own furniture bank.  Run by volunteers, Furniture Sharehouse collects unwanted clean, basic furniture, and re-distributes it FREE to clients of about 40 different Westchester County agencies. Every month, on average, 7 to 8 Westchester County … Continued

Registered to Vote? Tick-Tock, Do it Now!

Originally written in 2012, refreshed and re-posted for 2018 Are you registered to vote? I hold an individual’s right to vote very dearly, and decry anyone who wants to mess with that. ANYONE. As August progresses, November seems oh-so-far-away. But anyone … Continued