On process and purpose

On Process and Purpose

At my very first RESACon ohsomany years ago, a woman named Abby Vasek was one of the keynote speakers. Process and purpose was her topic. Tall and slender, she channeled…

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Less AI, More EI

Even in our loud and noisy world, the seemingly sudden immersion of AI into our everyday lives has stood out. In February two tech-savvy guys who make a living making…

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Pansies for The Refreshed Home's staging, from Carlson's Nuesery

Coloring Your World: Make Yellow Your Friend

Welcome back to Coloring Your World, where we look at fun bits of info,  and the psychology of the colors that surround and influence us.  Rounding out the primary colors,…

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Friend's PIVOT scene

Field Guide of Furniture Sizes for Downsizers, Buyers and Renters

New rental housing construction abounds here in southern Westchester, with New Rochelle and White Plains leading the field. Realtor (and my candidate for unofficial Mayor of White Plains) Nick Wolff…

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How to shop for a mattress

How to Make Mattress Shopping Easier

It’s prime time for mattress shopping! Big sales are coming, timed to coincide with when most consumers buy: right after they come back from a vacation. (After sleeping on a…

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Yes, I Do Windows

Yes, I do windows. Actually, I do a lot of windows! They’re an important piece of a room’s real estate, so whether you’re a design or staging client, what your…

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FAQs: Why White Walls are the Kiss of Death in Listing Photos

Selling, or looking to snazz up your Westchester County property? Believe TRH:  99% of the time, white walls are the kiss of death. Consider:  The science of it is the…

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Stagers are Starters

Stagers Are Starters

Sports professionals know the importance of starters, and of starting strong. They know it’s easier to establish and maintain their momentum than it is to overcome anothers’.  Starting players are…

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Everyone Starts Somewhere

When you work for yourself, your brain can be one big echo chamber. Keeping up with the day-to-day while trying to anticipate what’s down the pike leaves little time for introspection.

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Cozy indoor winter scene. Happy 2023 from The Refreshed Home.

Syleileva Kos, Lagom, and Hygge in 2023

  To paraphrase Arlo Guthrie, one is huh?; two is a different kind of huh?;  three is a trend, and four is a movement. As we slog on through the…

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Marie approaches her recommendations with a down-to-earth sensibility and is also a lot of fun! I have a new friend.

– Susan Sachs, Chappaqua

After Marie staged our house, we had second thoughts about leaving. Couldn't believe we live here.

– Paula and Roger, Hastings-on-Hudson

I don’t always like deferring to experts, but my investment was paid back approximately 20:1.

– Thor Mann, Croton-on-Hudson

Marie has a skill set that is professional and gentle. She removes a homeowner's stress and feeling of being overwhelmed.

– Bonnie Stein, Julia B Fee, Rye

Marie was very easy to work with. I wish we had used her expertise years ago!

– Barry Zelin, Ardsley

Marie Graham gets 5 stars from us! She was spot on in knowing exactly how our house should look for the photographs and the showings.

– Charlotte and Hal, Ardsley

Marie helped us with both selling our old home and decorating our new home. She recommends practical items of good value and is so committed to the details.

– Sandy McCormick Sleepy Hollow

I'm very thankful for Marie's excellent suggestions, from paint colors to floor finishes. We had 3 offers and sold above the asking price!

– George Casale, Bronxville

Marie is the color whisperer. We wanted totally new colors, and now our home is colorful, energizing and harmonious. Our friends comment on how welcoming and warm it is.

– Lesa Rader

She is smart, funny, engaging, with a great eye and creative ideas that we’ve implemented ourselves. I highly recommend her!

– Nan F., White Plains

She’s through and goes throught your home without judgment, providing recommendations with absolutely no pressure.

– Karen Dreher, New Rochelle