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Color 101

The Refreshed Home Conservatory AFTER

If you live in the northeast, chances are good you spent a bunch of time this weekend checking out Henri with graphics that looked like this. Meteorologists rely on color to quickly get your attention and have you remember important … Continued

Complete the Look: Prop Styling by The Refreshed Home

Complete the Look: Prop Styling by The Refreshed Home

Did you know in Westchester County, half the houses were built in the mid-1960s or earlier?  Capes, colonials, farmhouses and Tudors of course. And almost as many split levels and raised ranches, with a bunch of moderns and bungalows, just … Continued

Living Room

Vacant spaces do not make the space feel bigger, or “free up” buyers to imagine what could be; they only raise questions and make for shorter showings. Staged spaces point out the room’s strengths, and then give buyers reason to … Continued

Living Room

Contrasting, but complimentary paint colors added value by visually creating separate spaces, while highlighting architectural detail.

Dining Room

While a just-delivered piece of furniture is very exciting, what’s even better is how much look and luxury fit into this small dining room by virtue of a lighter-colored lower wall, good lighting, and everyone’s favorite trick, a great mirror.


Instead of shrugging and saying ‘it’s just a kid’s room’, move the big pieces away from the entry to create a focal point while visually stretching the size of the room.

Law Office

What-a law office with a sense of humor?! Yes, in this reception area, the clock is ticking, and positioned around it are photos of the colleges the partner’s kids are attending. And—full disclosure—this was the clients’ idea—good one, Richard!


A clean and modern space, but reduce the accessories by about 75%, and you leave buyers no choice but to focus on and admire the great expanse of counter tops, sparkling appliances and generous number of cabinets!

Kitchen 2

Great light, and nice color on the wall, but too many (little) things to look at make a space feel smaller. Clear the counters and windowsills, add a few dramatic pieces-you are not cooking, you’re creating! Fig plant is an … Continued


Wouldn’t each of us feel-and be-more efficient in this after office? Ask: what do I truly need to have at arm’s length? File cabinets/etc can often go in the bottom of a closet, or be better positioned, behind a door … Continued