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Celebrating Arthur Ashe, and Arthur Ashe Kids’ Days

Tomorrow marks the start of the the US Open in Flushing Meadows Park, in Queens, New York, which means yesterday was  Arthur Ashe Kids’Day. The annual kick-off event for the US Open since 1993, it’s a combination tennis-entertainment-charity event that commemorates tennis legend Ashe’s … Continued

MLB Umpire Jim Joyce: The Story Keeps Getting Better

Regular readers know I am a big baseball fan,  but I had never heard of MLB umpire Jim Joyce before summer of 2010…then in an unlikely confluence of events, he burst into probably all our consciousnesses. Doug and I had attended a high school lacrosse game that … Continued

RUTHLESS? Yeah, Whatever…

Over the weekend the NYT ran a great feature, Ruthless Came the Stager.  Two clients fw. me the link, wanted to be sure I saw it. Thought the article was good: accurate and fair, sharing insight to the range of things  … Continued

It’s (STILL) Summer

Days fly by so quickly… As July winds down…and things like boots, plaid, and sales on schools supplies start appearing out of nowhere, it’s easy to short-change the next 31 days known as ‘August”. To keep the mood going, one of … Continued

Make Something DIfferent for the Next BBQ: Best Gazpacho EVER

A  weekend party in your future? Quick and easy, gazpacho makes a colorful splash, and tons of vitamins-it’s a semi-exotic, and healthy alternative to chips/etc, and the dueling mayonnaise-laden ‘salads’. Courtesy of my friend Kate Bialo, and the award-winning cookbook Southern … Continued

Ten Things Your Commencement Speaker Won’t Tell You

Ahhh, it’s May, and this weekend the annual wave of commencement ceremonies begins. And yes, the inevitable Doonsbury comics, but that’s not where we’re going with this… ANYWAY~ Unless you were Stanford ’05, chances are good to excellent you have no memory … Continued

2012 NYC AD Home Show: My Top Ten “A-H-H-H-H”s

The 11th Annual Architectural Digest Home Design Show is history, but much of what I saw will not be forgotten.  So this post is a managable size, have a few pics, but all the links to this years’ favorite artists and their art.  Take … Continued