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Syleileva Kos, Lagom, and Hygge in 2023

To paraphrase Arlo Guthrie, one is huh?; two is a different kind of huh?;  three is a trend and four is a movement. As we slog on through Winter of 2023 here in the US I’ve come to really appreciate … Continued

Everyone Starts Somewhere

We all start somewhere

Originally published in December 28, 2020, this has been updated and re-published December 30, 2022.  When you work for yourself, your brain can be one big echo chamber. Keeping up with the day-to-day while trying to anticipate what’s down the … Continued

Remember the Green Beans in 2023

Holiday cooking in Doug’s family was part revered tradition, part competitive sport. His mom, grandmother, and inlaws: their line up of dishes, how they were made and served was all sacrosanct. So, from our first holiday together we brought peripherals … Continued

Are You Suffering From 2020 Vision?

Are you suffering from 2020 vision? Typically the measurement of how clearly you can see something from a distance, but it’s exactly the opposite in the real estate market. Simply, 2020 vision is a condition that affects one’s ability to … Continued

I’ll Ping You

I'll ping you

The conversation ended between two accomplished professionals with one saying “I’ll ping you”.  Had it been between two IT colleagues, or other tech-savvy folks there would’ve been a nod and a smile from the other. But it was a conversation … Continued

Change Happens

change happens

“Can you BELIEVE this??” my husband thundered from upstairs. “UNBELIEVABLE!!” Doug has a deep voice, but does not typically “thunder”.  So I ran upstairs. The subject of his ire? A new can of Barbasol shaving cream. Yes, the shaving cream … Continued

Expectations, and All You Can Eat Sushi

Never thought about the words All You Can Eat Sushi being together, in one phrase before until I saw this in a FB feed. There are instances where unlike things that are fine-even great-on their own become something bigger and … Continued

What We Want, What We Really, Really Want

What you want, what you really really want

Our spaces are personal, and in these minimalist days, what we choose to surround ourselves with matters. 40 years in the people/space/stuff business, I know what we want, what we really really want (and why we want it) is rooted … Continued