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Syleileva Kos, Lagom, and Hygge in 2023

To paraphrase Arlo Guthrie, one is huh?; two is a different kind of huh?;  three is a trend and four is a movement. As we slog on through Winter of 2023 here in the US I’ve come to really appreciate … Continued

Everyone Starts Somewhere

We all start somewhere

Originally published in December 28, 2020, this has been updated and re-published December 30, 2022.  When you work for yourself, your brain can be one big echo chamber. Keeping up with the day-to-day while trying to anticipate what’s down the … Continued

Remember the Green Beans in 2023

Holiday cooking in Doug’s family was part revered tradition, part competitive sport. His mom, grandmother, and inlaws: their line up of dishes, how they were made and served was all sacrosanct. So, from our first holiday together we brought peripherals … Continued

Does Mom or Dad Need Help?

Holiday season 2022 it seems the fever-dream of the last 3 years has at least partially broken. More people were going places and seeing other people. Things were a lot freer than in recent years.  Many times a cause for … Continued

Yes, I Do Windows

Yes, I do windows. Actually, I do a lot of windows! They’re an important piece of a room’s real estate, so whether you’re a design or staging client, what your windows look like is a big thing to talk about. … Continued

Chasing Coupons

Coupons have influenced consumers’ decisions for over 130 years. Starting with free glasses of soda and sticky stamps that got traded for toasters or dishes, vendors found this to be an effective way to win the buying public’s hearts. The … Continued

Selling? When to Stage with Rental Furniture

As a design and home staging consultantcy, The Refreshed Home’s commodities are information, objective analysis, and expertise. Whether you’re buying, selling, or staying and improving, our #1 goal is to help you make and implement your own best decisions about … Continued

#GoCordless: Kids, Cords and Caution

Originally published March 27th, 2010; updated November 4, 2022 It’s a sad truth that sometimes it takes tragedy to raise awareness. #GoCordless is the mantra of the Consumer Product Safety Commission, to prevent the former while promoting the latter with … Continued