Service is personal, and its value is always in the eye of the beholder. The Refreshed Home believes successful outcomes are the natural result when the process is tailored to the people and the circumstances.

Everything starts with a consult.  Have a space that needs help, don’t know where to start, or even explain what you need?  That’s what consults are for!

We exchange information and ideas, develop the scope of your project. Consults can be as focused as paint color selection or a new floor plan if you’re decorating … or as involved as a whole house walk-through if you’re buying or selling.

We cover aesthetics and strategy, dollars and dreams; establish priorities and start to form a budget. Make your own notes or, upon request, TRH will send you a written recap.

  • Fee is based on size of space, and time spent to cover it.
  • Consult pricing is quoted when setting an appointment and confirmed in writing, with payment due at time of service.
  • Any customized/follow-up services are outlined in writing, and begin with the receipt of a retainer.

Over-scheduled, or in a remote location? Cautious, thrifty or genuinely handy? Consider an E-Consult! You’ll get the same attention as on-site consults, with the aid of technology.

Questions/etc? Just call, we can sort it out!

NEW! Personalized Gift Certificates!

Time with The Refreshed Home is fun and productive!  Gift Certificates offer a special, even unexpected, way to celebrate life’s new chapters, or handle those challenging and unique gifting occasions.

Gift certificates are perfect to:

  • Welcome friends, family, clients and business associates to a new home or office
  • Celebrate a wedding, promotion or retirement
  • Gift a friend who’s beige by default or finally ready to act upon deferred dreams
  • Gracefully ease out of being a shopping partner!                                                                                                                                               2016-12-11-21-37-25