First impressions matter! We hear it all the time, have you ever known it not to be true? First date or job interview – you wouldn’t do either without taking time to look your best. You clean and detail your car before trading it in, why not the same approach when selling your house?

Forget the drama, HGTV is not real life. “Home Staging” is simply the very practical process of getting a property ready for market. “Quickly, and well’ is how sellers want to sell. A property that looks its best and is priced right is what gets you there.

Last year my sellers averaged 98.6% of ORIGINAL list, and sold in almost half the time of other WC single family houses – 49 DOM vs 90.

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The Refreshed Home works with a two-step process:

FIrst, a consult to gather information, exchange ideas and prioritize tasks.  Together we 

  • Define your market, and your buyer
  • Identify your needs and shape a budget
  • Diagnose issues, consider options
  • Prioritize fixes as they make sense and best support all the above

Next TRH stands ready to help get it done – or stand back and let you run with it – whatever you wish. Getting a property ready for market is a fluid experience, things evolve and change. So-no packages, we talk it through, you choose what you want and how you want it to work.

Home Staging is a combination of product, and service; TRH is an independent contractor who works with you to find the right balance of each for your project: What’ll get done, how, by whom, and how much it’ll cost. We’re on the same side, so no judgments, and no sales pitches.

Whether you’ve just decided to sell, are looking down the line, or you need help now for a current, under-performing listing, Staging works!
talk to me today about getting your property noticed – and SOLD!


Would Alex Trebeck kid you?