Unique and universal, “home” holds us, serves us at the most tender of times.

Our sanctuary, it grounds and balances us. Our spaces have the power to comfort, nourish, strengthen, and yes, refresh us. Home is where we want to be in the best, and worst of times.

Buying, selling or staying and improving?  When it’s ‘that time,’ aesthetics, hopes and dreams are just as important as function and costs. TRH’s On-Demand Design is collaborative and flexible, covering consult to completion: You choose how much help you want, controlling the process and costs.

Professional design help does not need to be complicated, or extravagant. The right paint color costs the same as the wrong color, and each has the power to impact a room dramatically.

Consults are about solving problems. Together we assess, share ideas, frame strategy and budget, then prioritize in real time. Introductions to trusted vendors and trades are always complimentary. 

Unsure about how this could work, or it it’s right for you? Check out Case Studies-the stories behind the pictures and the project, and what clients and pros have to say about their experiences with The Refreshed Home!