“Home”  is both unique and universal. Home holds us and serves us at our most tender times. Home is our safe sanctuary. It grounds and balances us … it comforts, nourishes and yes, refreshes us. Home is where we want to be in the best, and worst, of times.

Buying, selling or staying and improving – when it’s ‘that time,’ aesthetics, hopes and dreams are just as important as function and costs. The Refreshed Home works with you to develop realistic solutions with personalized services to fulfill your needs, complement and maximize your own resources and abilities.

Consults get you on the right path, giving you tools and directions to do as much as you are willing and able to do on your own.

Have a larger or extended project? Few have the skill, time or fortitude to go it alone. As part of the initial consult, TRH can create a personally designed toolkit to save you time and ease your way.

Included could be links to specific products or vendors, referrals and introductions to a trusted network of tradespeople, artisans and specialty service providers so you’ll have what you need to get your jobs done expertly and efficiently.