unique and specific solutions

Helping you makes good plans, and wise decisions about your space and your things, so you can on with your life. Simply, this is what The Refreshed Home does. Working collaboratively, TRH is your partner, and your advocate, bringing a thoughtful approach to a creative process.

As your Design Consultant, TRH represents you and your best interests. Selling nothing, and not affiliated with any other service or contractor, we’re happy to work with your contacts, and referrals are always complimentary.

Our specialty is specialties, and “YES” is a favorite word. We delight in finding new ways to make something work better, or a new way to accommodate a client. Projects are considered a success only when the client is as pleased with the process, as they are with the result.

Consult fees are payable at time of service (pre-paid for remote consults); extended projects work on retainer. Pricing on specialty services varies, please contact TRH for more info.

Occupied or vacant, residential or commercial, ‘Refreshing’, Decorating, or Home Staging-initial consults are equal parts on-the-spot strategy and design. Geared towards decision makers and doers, consults are hands-on, fast-paced and interactive. We walk, we talk, we refine priorities and develop budgets.

Our meeting could be the launching pad for bigger things, or it may be all a client needs to get going on their own. You ask as many questions, and take as many notes as you’d like. Rates commensurate with size of property and conditions. As an example, two hours can broadly cover most homes up to 2200 sf (or a few rooms in greater depth), $375 and $125 each additional hour. Detailed e-reports are also available. Contact The Refreshed Home for more info.

Cautious, thrifty, very handy, extremely time-challenged-or all of the above? Remote Consults might be for you. As above, we just use photos, video, or Skype to ‘walk’ though your space together, even shop online, $125.00 hour. Contact The Refreshed Home for details

Sellers who Stage their homes often quickly become buyers in need of a Decorator. They need help assessing their new space, and existing possessions: what stays (and where does it go?), what goes; what gets tweaked, what gets replaced.

From pre-move edits and floor plans through to positioning your pieces on moving day, TRH works with you and your movers, helping you de-stress while streamlining your move. Contact The Refreshed Home for more info

Got a Birthday, Wedding, Anniversary or other special gift-giving occasion looming? Need a meaningful Client, Housewarming or Closing Gift? Time with The Refreshed Home is a thoughtful, distinctive and welcome gift for so many occasions. Available for any service(s), a personalized, framed gift card is included at no extra charge. Contact The Refreshed Home for more info.

Often there are several ways to arrange/shoot a room…not counting the re-takes after realizing darn, the shades were uneven, or oh no, the toilet seat was up. Other times, things need to be moved out of sight, or shared between rooms. Then there are rooms that are ok, but will read flat, too dark or underwhelming in photos.

TRH works on-site with your photographer or videographer so they can take more, and better shots in less time. Additionally, drawing from a warehouse full of art, linens, lighting and other accessories, rooms can be completed with fresh and distinctive pieces to warm a room and engage buyers: Rented for the day, a week, or by the month. Contact The Refreshed Home for details.

Maybe it’s been a while since you’ve bought a sofa, or you don’t have time to scout out all the options? The Refreshed Home knows all the good prices to shop, and passes on any discounts in the process. I can shop with, or for you; online, or in local brick and mortar locations. Contact The Refreshed Home for more info

Sometimes all you need is a floor plan, or paint colors for a few rooms. Simple scaled drawings and color palettes with samples can be all you need to get you going in the right direction. Contact The Refreshed Home for more info.

Proposals are specific design solutions, refined strategies; labor and materials, with research and math thrown in to get you a real number. Casual conversations are always welcomed, but fees for written proposals are commensurate with the space, scope of the job, and the needs of those requesting it. Please contact The Refreshed Home for more info.