unique and specific solutions

Our spaces affect us profoundly. The Refreshed Home was created to make your spaces look, and function better, but to make your life easier as well. We are your partner and your advocate, bringing a thoughtful approach to a creative process.

We don’t try to be all things to all people, but The Refreshed Home’s specialty is…specialties. Working interactively, with both residential and commercial spaces, solutions are tailored to your needs and circumstances.

You may be surprised at all the services under TRH’s Interior Decorating and Home Staging tent: Buyer and seller transition; accompanied and online shopping; budget development, and project coordination are currently some of the more popular ones.

The Refreshed Home functions as a consultant, and aside from specialty accessory rentals, works on a time-only basis. Other than knowing many trusted contractors, we represent you, and have no other affiliation with any other service or contractor. Happy to work with people you know, and referrals are always free.

“YES” is a favorite word. We delight in finding new ways to make something work better, or a new way to accommodate a client. Projects are considered a success only when the client is as pleased with the process, as they are with the result.

Consider what you see here as a launching pad…if you like what you’re reading, let’s have a conversation about how we could help you!

Here is our basic price structure.

  • Initial, interactive in-home consults for Decorating and Home Staging clients are $325.00 for the first two hours, with a detailed written report emailed afterward; additional on-site or field work is $95.00 per hour.
  • NEW!  For the cautious, the thrifty, the very handy, or the extremely time-challenged: Introducing Remote Consults. By appointment, using photos or video, or Skype, we will walk though your space together, online, $75.00 per hour.
  • Consult fees are payable at time of service, other projects work on retainer.  Proposals could be created after the interactive consults; consult fee would then be applied as part of the retainer for full-service project.
  • Whether you are a Decorating client or a Home Staging client, there are many options to consider. Proposals are specific strategies created after a reasonable amount of communication,  along with the research and math to get you a number.  Casual conversations are always welcomed, and without cost or obligation, but fees for written proposals are commensurate with the space, and the needs of those requesting it. Please contact The Refreshed Home for more info.

Serving Westchester, Putnam and lower Fairfield counties, hope we speak soon!