Home Selling and Uniform Shredding: Is Edward Scissorhands in Your Deal?

Love home selling, baseball, movies, analogies and irony.  Sunday’s news of Chicago White Sox sendproxying their pitcher home was an inside the park home run for this Westchester County Home Stager’s blog!

There was no injury or family circumstance, OHNO.  Said pitcher didn’t want to wear the uniform his team was scheduled to wear. So he Edward Scissorhands his-and the rest of the teams’ uniforms.

We all resist doing things we don’t like, while looking for ways to get what we want. Logic-or the appearance of logic (think: 5 year old touting calcium as he negotiates ice cream for breakfast) is the first path most choose in everyday life. Flight-or-fight kicks in with excessive stress or a perceived threat.

Ugly or uncomfortable uniforms were likely not the issue. Pitcher had issues with management, and season trade deadline is days away. By dissing and humiliating management he probably is forcing a trade, and insult to injury-he also cost them a ton of negotiating leverage. He gets his way, and hurts others, contradicting the nature, and goals of “team”.

Comparably, the mental transition from living in their home to selling a commodity now known as a house is difficult; not everyone involved may be on board. Some go along, even in dissension; some work it out, but others-threatened-will obstruct. OK, maybe not as in your face as this pitcher, but left unaddressed, an unhappy participant can derail a deal in a myriad of ways.

Could be as simple as not keeping the house show-ready: ‘forgetting’ to make the beds, or emptying the litter box. But in home selling, that’s just as obstructionist as withholding signatures on documents, insisting on unrealistic pricing or refusing showings. Just less obvious.

If demand is high, and you have what everyone else is clamoring for, some bad behavior might not matter so much. If traded, his new team will find a clever way to market it:  ‘He cuts batters down to size‘. This straw into gold vision works maybe 0.01% of the time. For the other 99.99% of scenarios, not so much. Saturday’s tantrum will cost said pitcher about $280K of his $9.15M annual salary, via a 5 game suspension. The White Sox-like home sellers  with obstructionists in their circle- lose the most: value, interest, time and momentum.

TRH believes finding and defining common ground and goals within a selling group is what helps them confidently move forward, and choose their own best path. Every home seller, and selling circumstances are different; each needs to find the balance between giving in, and a full-on Dr. Phil confrontation-but ignore dissent at your own peril.

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Ironic? Baseball fans know what’s coming next.

                                                                  The star pitcher’s last name was S-A-L-E!!

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