Get Your House Noticed and SOLD 2017!! FREE Workshop Monday July 10th

Get Your House Noticed, and SOLD!

Getting ready to sell? Thinking about (and dreading) the tasks that lie ahead? I can show you how to make it a lot easier!!  Old, or listless listing? We can bring it back to life!

Come to my FREE workshop on Monday July 10th at 7pm at Tarrytown’s wonderfully, beautifully newly restored Warner Library. 

Open to the public,  this presentation will speak to anyone with a stake in a property selling quickly and well: investors, active or would be sellers, as well as real estate professionals. It’ll be 90 minutes of discussion and visuals, all with practical and smart ways to think about, and make your own best decisions.

In Get Your House Noticed and SOLD! we’ll cover:

  • Best ROI updates
  • Seeing what buyers see
  • Three numbers that should guide every decision you make
  • Dealing with all your ‘stuff’
  • WHat makes the best (and worst!) listing photos
  • De-stressing the downsizing process. (Click HERE for a sneak peek video!)

Home Staging is whatever you can do to improve the market position of a property and easy your mind. It’s process and product, but a different mix  for each property, each seller. Since 1981 I’ve made a living of helping others find options, and easier ways to plan and make hard choices at every price point. Hope to see you there!

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