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‘Supernatural’ : More Fun for Real Estate Pros

Sexy sells, but PG-it down with some clever, over-the-top or wink-and-a-nod humor, you widen your audience. Do it once, cool!  Do it again, and aim it at a market hungry to stand out-BOOM! Evidence: Supernatural,  Carly Rae Jepson’s latest video. … Continued

The Refreshed Home: Good Cop or Bad Cop?

Good Cop/Bad Cop is a time-honored cliche, a tool used to shake up the equilibrium, and prod someone into action. The Good Cop is supportive, looking out for you; the Bad Cop says the tough things that need to be … Continued

The Refreshed Home: Reflections and Numbers From 2013

Westchester County Real Estate in 2013 was a mixed bag. While recovery is still due for some, it certainly brought solid  improvement for many. While I love what I do anyway, 2013 affirmed much of what I believed in, and hoped for when I … Continued

Words Matter: Re-Thinking ‘De-Personalize’

Words matter, and the right one is priceless. Have written about ‘Staging’ (vs ‘preparing’– several times, in fact), but today let’s re-think ‘de-personalize’. ‘What do you know about Home Staging?’ is how I start out my Home Staging classes. ‘De-personalize’ usually come … Continued

“I`m Ready For My Close-Up, Mr. DeMille!”

Because we’re in February,  both Spring Market and Oscar fever are upon us, so famous movie quotes that resonate with Real Estate are a natural. Made famous by Gloria Swanson’s portrayal of actress  Norma Desmond-“I’m ready for my close-up, Mr. DeMille”  became a punchline, … Continued

It Will Be a Long Winter

161 games over six months, and for 3 teams in the Active Rain Baseball Junkies Fantasy Baseball League, it all comes down to tonight. The lead has see-sawed back and forth for the last two weeks. This morning when we … Continued