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The Katie Couric Effect, and Home Staging

Ever hear of the Katie Couric Effect? In 2000,  eighteen months after losing her husband to colon cancer, Katie Couric  underwent a colonoscopy on live, national TV. By facing, and insisting there be a conversation about this screening process, she helped de-mystefy and de-personalize … Continued

If It`s Ready, They Will Come

As the economic numbers slowly but surely continue to improve, the question about putting a house on the market this time of year looms large in the mind of many. Data and anecdotes can support either position…. so “IF”  and “WHEN”  should be a … Continued

RUTHLESS? Yeah, Whatever…

Over the weekend the NYT ran a great feature, Ruthless Came the Stager.  Two clients fw. me the link, wanted to be sure I saw it. Thought the article was good: accurate and fair, sharing insight to the range of things  … Continued

What’s Wrong with This Picture?

Welcome back to What’s Wrong with This Picture? where we tie a dollars and cents (sense!?) rationale to constructive comments made about actual listing photos. Dialogue is encouraged,  and as before-claim a photos as yours, and receive a complimentary interactive consult, valued up … Continued

What`s Wrong with This Picture? (NEW SERIES!)

This photo courtesy of Flicka Welcome back to my new series, What’s Wrong with This Picture? In Home Staging, a pleasing visual is just the beginning.  It’s not just about the stuff, it’s the people.  Preparing a property for sale is … Continued