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Check, BEFORE You Donate by Text, or Send a Check

The first holiday solicitations arrived around Columbus Day.  A package with holiday wrapping paper, some thematic greeting cards, and (still more) personalized address labels. Most of these mailings were not inexpensive.  Had donated to some of these causes in the past, but several came in … Continued

Giving the Gift: NOURISHMENT

“Westchester County”  is often spoken of in rarefied terms, the proverbial land of milk and honey. It’s all I know, I’ve lived here my entire life. Last Sunday the Journal News’ lead feature was called Hidden Hunger, and featured six personal stories of … Continued

Living Life After September 11th

I remember a lot of that day eleven years ago, but more about the days after.  Vividly, violently  confronted with the previously unimaginable, people in the NY metro area clung to each other in their horror and grief.  From this vulnerability came tenderness and kindness. … Continued

Adopting A Dog? Read THE CHOSEN PUPPY First

Adopting A Dog? Read THE CHOSEN PUPPY First Who doesn’t love spring? OK allergy sufferers aside…who doesn’t love spring?  There  is just so much going on, and so much to like about this time of year. One thing I’m seeing … Continued